How do renewals work?

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How do the renewal of services work?

We are a pay-as-you-go provider. When ordering a service you can choose the period for which you want to pay, this period (together with the start date of your service) will set the due date of your service.

This article explains how services are renewed, how they are suspended and how a manual renewal can be performed.

We also support auto-renewals, please review the article Auto-renewal how does it work? for more information about auto-renewal.

Due date

The due date of any service is shown in the client area at Both the dashboard and the service details page show the due date of your service. Our systems will provision automatically and suspend / terminate automatically after the due date has passed unless you renew.

Renewal order

A renewal order will be automatically created 15 days before due date on all services and 30 days before due date on domains. A renewal order will be accompanied with a proforma invoice.

Manual renew

You can only renew your services if there are no outstanding invoices.

If you want to renew your service before the renewal order is created automatically you can create the renewal order yourself in the client area at On the service detail page click on “More” followed by “Renew now” and follow steps shown on screen. This process will create a renewal order and accompanied proforma invoice.

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Actual renewal

The actual renewal will be performed as soon as the payment of the proforma invoice has been processed. Please note that some payment options are not processed real-time!

Cancelling your service

For any service which has no open renewal order (with the accompanying proforma invoice) a cancellation can be requested in the client area at If there is a renewal order created you will receive a warning that there is an outstanding invoice.

Not paying the proforma invoice will result in automatic cancellation of your service and renewal order / proforma invoice. After cancellation your service will be suspended / terminated automatically depending on the type of service.


In this article, you have learned how our renewal system works and how you can renew your server manually via your client area.

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