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You can create an account through our website and view the functionalities of our client area. But you can also take a look at this short summary of our control panel. The server management overview provides direct links to detailed information about the management features.

From the selected server’s server management page you can:

• Upgrade your server
• Order a new server
• Reboot your server
• Read the sensors
• Manage your server with KVM over IP
• View your bandwidth graphs
• Set up your Reverse DNS
• Reinstall your OS
• Order licenses
• View all the IPv4 addresses that belong to you
• Justify your IP addresses
• View your IPv6 range
• Use the rescue mode to boot your server
• Enable auto-renewal

Step 1: Viewing your server’s dashboard

To view your server’s dashboard, sign in to your panel account via this link

The dashboard automatically appears. The dashboard overview provides summary information about your servers and direct links to the server management page. There are also administrative sections where you can view your invoices and your tickets.

clientarea dashboard

Step 2: Accessing the server from dashboard

In order to manage your server click to the server in your dashboard.

Step 3: Server management overview

Your server management features are all listed in this overview. click on More to see all of them.

Server more


Congratulations, you now know how our control panel works.

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