Are there any bandwidth usage limitations?

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We often receive a question regarding the allocated bandwidth. In this article, we will explain how the provided bandwidth should be used according to our policy. 

Are there any bandwidth limitations?

Our customers are allowed to use their allocated bandwidth proportional over a month without any irregular bandwidth usage behavior. We recalculate the average bandwidth that is consumed every 6 hours. If the bandwidth usage of our customers is higher than allowed, we will either disable the burst temporarily or send you an invoice for a bandwidth upgrade. This depends on which option the customers prefer. 

Will I be notified when I have reached the bandwidth limit?

Customers will be notified by email when they have reached 80% of their bandwidth limit for a particular month. As stated above, the customer will be given the option to upgrade the bandwidth before the bandwidth speed is limited to 100Mbps. The customers will also be notified by email when 100% of the monthly bandwidth limit is reached. It is possible to avoid speed caps by upgrading your bandwidth via our client area. Furthermore, you add additional recourses to your Cloud VPS or Dedicated Server as well.

Not sure how you can upgrade your bandwidth? Read this link if you have a Cloud VPS. Customers with dedicated servers can find more information here

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