How to assign IPv4 addresses on your VPS

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When you need additional IP addresses for your VPS you can increase your IP limit via your panel. In this tutorial we will explain how to purchase and assign IPv4 addresses on your VPS.


Step 1: Log in to your client area

Log in to your client area and click on Services. Click on the server for which you would like to upgrade the IP address.

Select server

Step 2: Click On Network

Now you will see the server details of your chosen server. Click on “Network” then select “Interfaces”.


Step 3: Increase IP address limit

You will see a few options here. Click on “Increase IP address limit”.

Increase ip limit1

Step 4: Select the required IP amount

Use the slider to select the required IP amount and click to the continue button.

Continue select ip range

Step 5: Make the payment

Our system will generate an invoice, make sure you complete the payment. After we have received your payment, the IP addresses will be assigned to your server automatically.

Step 6: Check if the IPs are assigned

You can view your assigned IP addresses via your IP management page.

Ip manage page

Step 7: Add the IPs via the network page

Add your assigned IPs to your OS via the network configuration page.


In this article we have explained how to assign IPv4 addresses on your VPS. Congratulations, you have successfully assigned your IP addresses to your server!

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