Powerful Dell EMC PowerEdge 14th Generation Servers

Are you looking for a powerful dedicated server to run heavy applications, websites or database servers? Consider our Dell EMC PowerEdge 14th Generation Servers. Our Dell EMC PowerEdge 14th Generation Servers come with the latest Intel CPUs, large storage capacity and quick I/O. As a result, you can expect optimized performance, increased productivity and lifecycle management. We only use Intel Xeon processors which are qualified to handle heavy and intensive loads day in day out.

Furthermore, Dell EMC PowerEdge 14th Generation Servers are created with cyber-resilient architecture which means that your server configuration, data, and firmware is always protected.

With a great storage capacity and together with enough RAM, your dedicated server will be able to run all your applications flawlessly. Our Dell EMC PowerEdge 14th Generation Servers are also very suitable for virtualization environments or other applications that require a lot of capacity. So are you ready to conquer every challenge with this product line? Take a look at our dedicated server offer and start configuring your machine to your needs.


This Dedicated Server also includes:


Cost and energy saving

You can reduce your costs and increase the energy efficiency due to the energy efficient processor and memory.


Easy to migrate environments

Dell EMC PowerEdge 14th Generation Servers line uses a technology that accelerates the migration of multiple virtualized environments.


Increasing performance

The new server line delivers significantly more database performance and lower latency. It also accelerates the live migration of virtual machines.


iDrac 9 simplified management

iDRAC 9 provides up to 4 times better system management comparing to previous server generations.

sophos security

Built-in security

The integrated security will protect your data with a deep layer of defense for the life of the server


Latest processors

The latest processors have more cores and provide up to 15 percent greater memory bandwidth.

server balanced functionality

Balanced functionality combination

Dell EMC PowerEdge 14th Generation Server line delivers a balanced combination of storage, processing power, and density.


Faster results

PowerEdge gives faster results. The one-click BIOS tuning enables fast and easy deployment of many processing intensive workloads.

scalable server

Scalable Architecture

The enhanced storage capacity and flexibility enables you to customize your storage configuration to your application needs.

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