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Experience the power of Litespeed Enterprise Cache and CDN - two premium tools that will take your website's performance to the next level. With Litespeed's powerful and efficient hosting technology, and's cutting-edge content delivery network, you can enjoy lightning-fast page load times, improved website security, and a seamless online experience for your users. Say goodbye to slow page load times and hello to a website that runs like a well-oiled machine.

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Maximize and double the capacity for your server

The proprietary, lightweight LiteSpeed Web Server (LSWS) offers quick performance and resource saving without compromising server security. With LiteSpeed Web Server's optimized event-driven architecture, which can handle thousands of concurrent clients with very little memory or CPU usage, you can double the maximum capacity of your server. It provides excellent levels of scalability, security, and load balancing. Additionally, it supports per-IP connections, built-in anti-DDoS protection, and bandwidth throttling.

Website performance is the main issue that developers and digital firms encounter. A website that loads slowly results in a bad user experience, costing the company customers and ultimately losing money. logo

Advantages of Using CDN

With LiteSpeed you gain the possibility to install for free. The only CDN that can cache both static and dynamic WordPress content is CDN. CDN caches the entire site, including images, CSS, JavaScript, and the dynamic HTML page itself, unlike most CDNs, which only deal with static information. Utilising the Smart Purge feature of LiteSpeed Cache, CDN accurately serves your most recent content and purges it as needed.

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LiteSpeed Web Server features

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Slide in replacement for Apache

LiteSpeed Web Server supports Apache Rewrite Engine, ModSecurity, and Apache configuration files. Plesk, cPanel, DirectAdmin, and others can smoothly integrate with LiteSpeed as a drop-in replacement for Apache. LiteSpeed Web Server can replace Apache in 15 minutes without downtime. Unlike frontend proxies, LiteSpeed replaces all Apache functionality, making use easier and helping your team transfer to a new server.


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Management of servers with no downtime

Zero downtime means that LiteSpeed won't cause your website to crash or become unstable. Due to connections being restricted, other web servers encounter downtime when their software is updated. With its graceful restart functionality for version management, LiteSpeed does away with this. Because connections are not blocked, downtime is kept to a minimum.

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Concurrent Connections Management

With regard to managing several connections at once, LiteSpeed excels. Compared to Apache and its process-based architecture, it is faster because it is based on an event-driven architecture. In order to make LiteSpeed faster, more able to handle more connections, and less resource-intensive, it starts a new process for each connection and serves them with a small number of processes.

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One-Click Cache Acceleration

You may quickly build an instance in three minutes or less thanks to the prebuilt selection of images for well-known cloud platforms!

Each image uses LiteSpeed technology and includes programs like WordPress, Magento, Django, NodeJS, Rails, Plesk, cPanel, DirectAdmin and CyberPanel.

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Control Panel Compatibility

All control panels created for Apache are compatible with LiteSpeed Web Server. LiteSpeed has created control panel plugins for some of the most well-liked control panels so you can manage typical LiteSpeed Web Server operations from the panel.

LiteSpeed is compatible with all the control panels we offer, such as Plesk, cPanel and DirectAdmin.

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A built-in component of LiteSpeed called LSCache offers high-performance dynamic content acceleration. It eliminates certain URLs via automatic page caching and scheduling. Additionally, LSCache provides independent caching for desktop and mobile views.

When LSCache is enabled, page loading times are significantly accelerated, making it a comprehensive solution for enhancing website speed. There are plugins for the majority of widely used CMS platforms.

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CDN CDN can improve website performance in numerous ways. They include faster loading times, lower site latency, enhanced security, automatic caching of static material, watertight uptime and redundancy, and easy integration with LiteSpeed Hosting. The user-friendly content delivery network offers layer 5 HTTP/3 speeds.

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Edge Side Includes (ESI)

The ESI Engine is used by the markup language known as Edge Side Includes (ESI). It enables you to separate tiny sections of a dynamic page from the rest of the page and process them independently.

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CloudLinux Integration

LiteSpeed Web Server also allows CloudLinux integration, you can install and configure the following with CloudLinux too:

Install LiteSpeed on CloudLinux
CloudLinux + Cpanel EA4 + LSWS
CloudLinux + Plesk + LSWS
Configure PHP without control panel.

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