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What is Litespeed?

LiteSpeed Web Server (LSWS) is a program, often used as a plugin. It significantly enhances website performance by utilizing caching. This means that frequently requested content is stored for faster loading. As a result, visitors experience improved load times and a smooth user experience.

LSWS also ensures that many people can visit your website simultaneously without it slowing down.

LiteSpeed is included by default in our Web Hosting and Managed WooCommerce VPS

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LiteSpeed Web Server features

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Replace Apache

LiteSpeed Web Server is compatible with the Apache Rewrite Engine, ModSecurity, and Apache configuration files. Plesk, cPanel, DirectAdmin, and other control panels can be seamlessly integrated with LiteSpeed as a direct replacement for Apache. You can replace Apache with LiteSpeed Web Server in just 15 minutes, without downtime. Unlike frontend proxies, LiteSpeed replaces all Apache functionality, simplifying usage and facilitating the transition to a new server

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No downtime means that LiteSpeed ensures your website doesn't crash or become unstable. The website remains stable and reliable without crashes. Other web servers experience downtime when their software is updated due to limited connections. LiteSpeed puts an end to this with its seamless version management restart functionality. Because connections are not blocked, downtime is minimized

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Efficient Connections

LiteSpeed Web Server excels in managing concurrent connections. Compared to Apache and its process-based architecture, LiteSpeed is faster due to its event-driven architecture. To make LiteSpeed even more efficient, capable of handling more connections with fewer resources, it starts a new process for each connection and serves them with a limited number of processes. This optimizes connection management

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Accelerate Caching

With our easy One-Click Cache Acceleration, you can set up an instance within minutes. An "instance" is essentially a complete website or web application that you can quickly create thanks to our pre-built selection of images (pre-configured virtual servers) for popular cloud platforms. These images include software such as WordPress, Magento, Django, NodeJS, Rails, Plesk, cPanel, DirectAdmin, and CyberPanel, all powered by LiteSpeed technology

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Control Panel Compatibility

LiteSpeed Web Server is compatible with all control panels designed for Apache. We have developed special control panel plugins for some of the most commonly used control panels. This allows you to easily manage typical LiteSpeed Web Server tasks directly from the control panel.

You can use LiteSpeed with all our control panels; Plesk, cPanel, and DirectAdmin. This ensures seamless integration and convenient management of your web server environment

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LiteSpeed Cache

By utilizing caching, you can expect significantly faster page load times. LSCache is a comprehensive solution to improve website speed, and there are plugins available for most commonly used CMS platforms.

LSCache ensures that certain URLs are automatically stored, meaning frequently requested content is cached for faster future access. This results in faster page loading, providing a better user experience

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A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a network of servers strategically placed around the world to efficiently deliver web content, such as images, scripts, and other media, to users. The goal of a CDN is to improve the performance and loading speed of websites by minimizing the distance between the server and the user. CDN can be installed for free when using LiteSpeed and seamlessly integrates with LiteSpeed Hosting

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Edge Side Includes

Edge Side Includes (ESI), also known as ESI, is a markup language powered by the ESI Engine. With ESI, you can isolate specific parts of a dynamic web page and manage them independently. This means you can customize the content, layout, and functionality of certain sections of your page without having to modify the entire page.

This is useful when you need to make quick and flexible changes to your website's content, such as updating news articles, promotions, or dynamic widgets, without disrupting the overall structure of your page

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CloudLinux Integration

LiteSpeed Web Server seamlessly integrates with CloudLinux, allowing you to:

  • Install LiteSpeed on CloudLinux for improved performance.
  • Combine CloudLinux with cPanel EA4 and LSWS for a robust hosting environment.
  • Pair CloudLinux with Plesk and LSWS for an integrated hosting solution.
  • Customize PHP configurations without using a control panel, giving you more flexibility in server management.

With LiteSpeed's CloudLinux integration, you can optimize your hosting environment and enhance your website's performance

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