How does Wire Transfer work?

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A wire transfer also called bank transfer is a payment method that goes from one bank to another bank account. After receiving an invoice from us you can transfer the total amount to our bank account via your client area. Follow these steps below to find out how you can pay with Wire Transfer:


Step 1.

Login to your panel and click to your outstanding invoice.

Wiretransfer 01

Wiretransfer 01

Step 2.

At the top of the page you will find call to actions. Click to make a payment.

Wiretransfer 02

Wiretransfer 02

Step 3.

Select Wire Transfer.

Wiretransfer 03

Wiretransfer 03

Step 4.

Make sure that you enter the payment reference for the bank transfer. Click to copy the payment reference. If you are not able to complete the payment yourself you can also send the transaction details to another person by entering his email address in the required field.

Wiretransfer 04

Wiretransfer 04


The payment will now be processed. Since this is not a real-time payment it can take 1 to 10 working days to process the payment. We have no influence to make the payment process faster because we depend on the customer’s bank. When the payment has been received by our payment provider, the invoice will be marked as paid automatically and your server will be renewed or activated right after the payment status change.

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