What is your TOR policy?

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We do not forbid TOR exit nodes on our servers.

Even though we do not forbid TOR exit nodes on our servers, we do hold you responsible for all the traffic that is going through your Dedicated Server or Cloud VPS. In order to protect our customers and our network, Traffic types such as spam, hacking attempts, botnets DDoS etc that come out of a TOR exit node are strictly forbidden. When you violate our services you will be notified with a full report and you need to respond within 24 hours to this report.

You will also be held responsible for the actions of sub-users that are connected to your TOR service. If one of your customers or sub-users are violating the use of our services, the offending Snel.com account will be suspended or terminated.

We also do not recommend you to use open services where any user can connect and violate the network as this could lead to service interruptions. Moreover, we do not have any limitations of the software installation but you will be held accountable for the use of your service. You should reconsider running a TOR exit node if you are not capable of stopping these types of traffic since it can lead to suspension or termination of the offending account.

Click here to read more about our Acceptable Usage Policy.

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