What is a domicile address?

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In this article we will answer the question; What is a domicile address?



A Domicile address, also known as “local presence” is a registered address within the territory implied by the domain extension. In the case of .EU, this would be a European address. In some cases you don’t necessarily need to have a registration address in the country of the extension itself, an address in a related area, for example the EU in the case of the .NL extension would suffice.

The domain extension, also known as TLD (top level domain) is the part of the url in between the domain name and the slug.

tld (top level domain) also known as url extension

Snel.com can provide these registration addresses in most cases. As a customer with Snel.com you don’t need to have a local presence in the country yourself. If Snel.com can provide a domicile address for the extension you are trying to acquire, this extra option will be offered during the checkout process so you can easily add this to your order.


What is a domicile address? This is a local address where location-specific domain extensions can be registered. If you don’t have an address in the required area, you can easily add it to your domain during checkout.

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