European VAT Rules and Rates

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You may wonder how VAT is applied when you purchase services from our website. The EU has standard rules on applying VAT, this differs for each EU country. Below we will explain how we are applying VAT to our customers.

VAT rules

The VAT percentage is based on the country of the customer. Basically, this means, that a customer of The Netherlands will be charged for example 21% VAT and a customer from Germany will be charged 19%.

How we apply VAT to our customers

However, the VAT calculation differs for private customers and companies. There are standard rates and reduced rates.

Private customers in NL and the EU

If you are a private customer in the Netherlands you are allowed to pay your own VAT rate and the same rule will be applied to private customers in the EU as well.

Companies in NL

Due to the fact that is a Dutch company, we charge the applicable VAT on all NL customers. NL customers can request this back from the Dutch tax authorities.

Companies in the EU except for NL

However, if you are a company in the EU (so not established in the Netherlands) there are two options during the sign-up process. Depending on your situation you can choose to enter your VAT number or not.

– When you do not enter your VAT number we are required to charge the applicable VAT. You can request the applied VAT amount back from the tax authorities of your own country.
– When you do enter your valid VAT number during sign up process then you will pay the VAT in your own country and you need to report this in your own country as well.

Private customers outside NL and the EU

Private customers and companies outside the European Union are excluded from VAT charges.

View the VAT Rates for European countries

Country                   Code           VAT Rate
AustriaAT  20%
BelgiumBE  21%
BulgariaBG  20%
CroatiaHR  25%
CyprusCY  19%
Czech RepublicCZ  21%
DenmarkDK  25%
EstoniaEE  20%
FinlandFI  24%
FranceFR  20%
GermanyDE  19%
GreeceEL  24%
HungaryHU  27%
IrelandIE  23%
ItalyIT  22%
LithuaniaLT  21%
LuxembourgLU  17%
MaltaMT  18%
NetherlandsNL  21%
PolandPL  23%
PortugalPT  23%
RomaniaRO 19%
SlovakiaSK  20%
SloveniaSI  22%
SpainES  21%
SwedenSE  25%
United KingdomUK  20%


If you have any questions regarding the VAT changes you can contact us by sending an email to [email protected].

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