How much do you charge for IPv4 addresses?

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We charge 2 euro per month per IPv4 address for CloudVPSs and 1.50 euro per month for Dedicated servers and the quantity that we allocate differs per server. They do have to be justified per RIPE policies. If your justification is invalid (e.g. vhosts, mail servers, SEO purposes), the IP addresses will not be issued.

More IP’s

You can only order more IP addresses when the current IP is fully justified. Once you have fully justified your IP, you have to send an email and justify the extra IP addresses according to the RIPE policies. After we have approved this, you will be able to order more IP addresses through your SnelPanel.


We do a regular check to see whether the IP’s are used for the right purposes. When we find out that the IP addresses are used for other purposes than as mentioned above, we will send you one warning. If you don’t act in time, the assigned IP will be withdrawn.

For what purposes will I get a rejection?

Extra IP addresses will not be assigned for purposes such as SEO, vhosts and mail servers.

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