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How to delist your IP address by Microsoft

In this article, we will describe the steps you can follow to get your IP address delisted by Microsoft.


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Step 1: Send an email to Microsoft

You can request a delist by sending an email to “[email protected]” with your delist request. This is only available for Hotmail / Live domains of Microsoft. This process can take up to 48 hours before you get a reply / get delisted.

Step 2: Fill in their form delist form

Use the following form, to request a delisting. They will ask you the following questions:

Issue Title: Emails are being blocked / emails are delivered into junk inbox
Contact Name: Your name 
What domain are you sending to?: [email protected] or [email protected]
Contact email address: Your email address
What domain are you sending from: [email protected]
What would you describe your company or yourself: choose from dropdown menu
Outbound IP(s) or range(s): Your IP address of your server
Is your server dedicated or shared?: choose from dropdown menu
Copy and paste any error messages: provide the error message if you have any  
Provide the URL of your web site: your website url

Once the form is filled in you will get an automated notification that they received your request. Normally you will receive a reply within 12 hours but it can take up to 48 hours.


In this article, we have described how you can request a Microsoft delist. If you need any assistance with the delisting process you can send an email to our support department or create a ticket through our client area.

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