What should I enter as hostname during my order?

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We often receive the question what the customer should enter as a hostname in the hostname field during the order process. To make things clear we have explained this below.

What is a hostname?

Since IP addresses are rather difficult to remember, we allow you to specify your server by name rather than a number string. For example your server with IP address 78.41.201. can also be referred to as host.example.com.
A hostname is basically a label assigned to your server and it provides ease of use, it allows you to easily identify your server from your server list in the client area.

Especially if you have a few active servers in your client area it can be hard to find the right server. So you should see your hostname as a ‘nickname’.

Your hostname should be entered according to the example in the hostname field. It should contain a fully qualified hostname such as host.example.com. In order to avoid confusion please use an example other than your domain name.

Hostname orderpage 01
Hostname orderpage 01


Once you have entered these details, here is how you will see the hostname of your server on the dashboard of your client area.

Hostname in clientarea
Hostname in clientarea
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