How to create/restore an Admin Backup in DirectAdmin

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This article contains information about DirectAdmin backup in combination with Acronis. Follow all the steps of this article to configure your DirectAdmin backup with Acronis.


  • DirectAdmin control panel installed
  • Acronis Backup Cloud
  • You need to have the SSH login details of your server ready with root or administrative user
  • You need to have DirectAdmin user with Admin Level permission

Step 1: Log in to DirectAdmin

Log in to your DirectAdmin environment

da login

Step 2: Configure DirectAdmin admin backup

Navigate to Admin tools -> Admin Backup/Transfer


Click on Schedule


Step 2.1:  DirectAdmin admin backup step 1

You can choose between the following three options:

  • All Users
  • All Users Except Selected
  • Selected Users

In our article, we are selecting All Users and click on Next Step.


Step 2.2: DirectAdmin admin backup step 2

In our article, we are scheduling a cronjob for the backup. Change the Cron Settings if needed.


Step 2.3: DirectAdmin admin backup step 3

Change Append from Nothing to Day of Week: /Monday after changing append click on Next Step.


Step 2.4: DirectAdmin admin backup step 4

Select Selected Data and uncheck the following checkboxes Domains Directory and E-mail Data.  Once everything is configured click on Schedule to schedule to DirectAdmin admin backup.


Step 2.5: Verify DirectAdmin backup

Navigate back to Admin tools -> Admin Backup/Transfer to verify if the cronjob is added.



Step 3: Restore DirectAdmin files from admin backup

Navigate  to Admin tools -> Admin Backup/Transfer and click on Restore.


Step 3.1: Admin backup restore step 1


Step 3.2: Admin backup restore step 2

Select  stored in the backup and click on Next Step.


Step 3.3: Admin backup restore step 3

Select the user you want to restore in our case it’s sneltest. You can use the search bar to search for the user. Once the user is selected click on Restore.


Step 4: Check to restore message

Once the restore is finished you will be notified by the DirectAdmin message system.


The message is reporting that the restore has finished. If any error occurs you have to resolve this.



Congratulations, you have now configured an admin backup in DirectAdmin and restore a user from this backup.

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