Benefits of iDRAC 8 and how to launch virtual console

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What is iDRAC 8 Enterprise?

IDRAC 8 Enterprise is the next generation of remote server administration and it provides secure remote server access to management functionalities. iDRAC 8 Enterprise offers the following key features:

iDrac 8 Enterprise provides the following key features:

  • Standards-based management automation
  • Agent-Free Storage Management
  • Easy Restore
  • iDRAC Direct
  • iDRAC Quick Sync
  • Real-Time Storage Configuration
  • Zero-touch deployment and provisioning
  • Agent-Free Performance Monitoring

Launch console iDRAC 8 Enterprise

You can launch the virtual console via your client area. Before you start, make sure that you have Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed via If you have finished the installation or if you already have Java installed follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your client area and click to services > server > KVM Management
  2. Click to Visit KVM Page
  3. Enter your credentials, which can be found in the KVM Management page
    iDRAC 8

    iDRAC 8

  4.  You will now see the main screen. Click “Launch” button in Virtual Console Preview page which launches Virtual Console.
    iDRAC 8 Main screen

    iDRAC 8 Main screen

  5. Either Java Web Start will start the console immediately or you will be asked to save the file. Make sure you save the file and run it afterwards. When you see the Security Warning below, click Continue to proceed:
    iDRAC 8

    iDRAC 8

  6. You will see a second warning screen, make sure that you have selected the radio button:”Do not show this again for this app from the publisher above” and then click the Run button.
    iDRAC 8

    iDRAC 8

  7.  After you have completed the previous you will see a last warning screen regarding the certificate make sure you click the Run button.
    iDRAC 8

    iDRAC 8

  8. That’s all! You have completed all steps and your console is now visible.
    iDRAC 8

    iDRAC 8

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