How to add a domain alias for your webhosting

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Add a domain alias for your webhosting

In this article, you will learn how you can add a domain alias. Domain aliases allow you to point several domain names such as .NL and .EU to the same website. This can be useful for purposes such as branding.


Step 1: Log into Plesk

First, go to your client area and log in with your credentials.

client area

Navigate to My Dashboard and click on Webhosting. Click on the web host you want to use.

client area webhosting

If you click on Login Details, you will see your login credentials.

client area credentials plesk

Click on the URL above to log in.

Plesk login screen

Step 2: Adding a domain alias

At the left side panel, click on Websites and Domains. Then click on Add domain alias.

add domain alias

  • Domain alias name: Insert the alias you want to use.
  • For the domain: Choose for what domain you want the alias to be for.
  • Synchronize the DNS zone with the primary domain.
  • Mail service: If you select this option, the mailboxes will also be available under the alias.
  • Web service: If this option is checked, the website will open in the browser at the alias’s URL.
  • Redirect with the HTTP 301 code: For users and online search engines, the alias tends to be different website. This can cause a problem because search engines index the content of the alias separately, this will make your primary domain lose search engine rankings. To avoid this, you can use redirection with the HTTP 301 code by selecting Redirect with the HTTP 301 code.

Click on OK to create a domain alias.

adding domain alias

If everything went successful, you will see a green bar appear at the top.

domain alias added


Congratulations, you have successfully added a domain alias.

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