How to remove Acronis Backup completely on Linux

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Removing Acronis Backup on Linux

In this article, we will explain how to completely remove Acronis Backup client from your Linux server.

Step 1: Remove Acronis Agent

Start with removing the installed packages:

/usr/lib/Acronis/BackupAndRecovery/uninstall/uninstall -a

Step 2: Remote Kernel modules

Remove SnapAPI module from kernel

rmmod snapapi26

Remove all modules:

dkms status


snapapi26, 0.7.46, 2.6.9-1.667, i686: installed
dkms remove -m snapapi26 -v 0.7.142 --all
dkms remove -m file_protector -v 1.1-1487 --all
If you are running 2.4 kernel, the module name will be snapapi, not snapapi26

Step 3: Remove all Acronis RPMs

rpm -e --allmatches --nodeps AcronisAgentLinux
rpm -e --allmatches --nodeps acronis-glibc
rpm -e --allmatches --nodeps dkms
rpm -e --allmatches --nodeps BackupAndRecoveryAgent
rpm -e --allmatches --nodeps snapapi26_modules
rpm -e --allmatches --nodeps BackupAndRecoveryBootableComponents
rpm -e --allmatches --nodeps AcronisUpgradeTool
rpm -e --allmatches --nodeps ManagementConsole
On 2.4 kernels use snapapi_modules instead of snapapi26_modules

Step 4: Remove stale files

Remove all files and folders related to Acronis:

rm -Rf /etc/Acronis
rm -Rf /var/lib/Acronis
rm -Rf /usr/lib/Acronis
rm -Rf ~/.Acronis
rm -rf /opt/acronis/
rm -rf /root/Acronis/
rm -rf /var/log/Acronis/
rm -rf /var/log/AcronisRemoteInstall/
rm -Rf /usr/src/snapapi*


After following these instructions all Acronis Backup related packages should be removed from your server.

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