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Imagine never having to worry about your site breaking when doing updates again. With WordPress Smart Updates, available in the Plesk Control Panel, you can update with confidence and enjoy a smoother and more efficient experience than ever before.

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What does Smart Updates do?

WordPress Smart Updates for web hosting allows for automatic upgrades in the background, saving time and improving site availability. In addition, it checks for compatibility issues and improves the overall security of the system. Overall, it provides a secure and convenient method of keeping WordPress sites up to date while still making them accessible to site visitors.

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WordPress Smart Updates Features

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Background updates

It allows automatic "background updates" without user involvement. The site is updated in the background while users use it. Background updates automate the updating process for website owners and reduce visitor downtime. This function updates WordPress core, themes, and plugins to keep your site secure and up-to-date.

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Improved site availability

"Improved site availability" prevents downtime during WordPress Smart Upgrades. This tool applies updates in the background, keeping your site accessible to visitors. Visitors can surf your site uninterrupted, increasing the user experience. This feature reduces the danger of updates disrupting business or other vital operations for website owners.

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It allows "automatic updates" to happen without user involvement. WordPress automatically updates core, themes, and plugins with this feature. This saves website owners time and effort from scheduling and verifying changes. Automated updates also keep your site secure and stable by updating software. WordPress Smart Updates' automatic updates make updating easier for website owners.

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Security patches

"Security patches" in WordPress Smart Updates update WordPress core, themes, and plugins to the newest versions to secure your site. Security fixes fix vulnerabilities hackers and viruses could exploit. WordPress Smart Updates automatically apply these security patches, keeping your site secure. This reduces the possibility of site compromise, which could lead to data loss, downtime, or security issues. WordPress Smart Updates can help secure your site.

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Compat checks

Before deploying updates, WordPress Smart Updates performs "compatibility checks" to make sure they're compatible with your site's setup. This prevents conflicts or compatibility concerns that could cause site errors, downtime, or other issues. If errors are found, the update is paused and you are alerted to fix them. This tool keeps your site updated with the latest software while preserving its integrity and functioning.

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Notification system

It has "Notification system" that alerts you to core, theme, and plugin upgrades. Email or WordPress dashboard notifications notify you of available updates and allow you to apply them automatically or manually. The notification system guarantees that you are always aware of the latest modifications and helps to maintain your site secure and up-to-date.

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Control integration

WordPress Smart Updates "control panel integration" lets users administer and monitor updates from their hosting control panel. This feature shows which updates are available, applied, and pending. Configure update settings like automatic updates and update frequency. Control panel integration streamlines updates by centralizing management.

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Rollback option

It allows users to roll back to a previous version of WordPress, themes, or plugins if an upgrade breaks their website. If an update breaks compatibility, functionality, or other website behavior, this feature is useful. The rollback function lets you easily undo the upgrade and return to the prior version, minimizing the impact on your website. This functionality lets WordPress users manage updates more easily.

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Multisite support

It has "multisite support" for updating many WordPress sites at once. This functionality lets you update many sites from one control panel, saving time. Choose sites to update, apply changes automatically or manually, and view site update status. Agencies and enterprises who manage many WordPress sites for clients or departments benefit from multisite support. This feature simplifies WordPress site updates.

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FAQ Regarding WordPress Smart Updates

What is WordPress Smart Updates?

WordPress Smart Updates is a feature introduced in WordPress version 5.5 that helps to improve the update process for WordPress core, themes, and plugins.

How does Smart Updates work?

Smart Updates performs updates in the background, so your site remains accessible to visitors while updates are being applied. This is achieved through a process called "background updates", which is a type of automatic update that occurs without requiring any user input.

How does Smart Updates improve site availability?

With Smart Updates, updates are applied in the background, so your site remains accessible to visitors while the updates are being applied. This improves site availability and prevents any downtime that could be caused by the update process.

Does Smart Updates include security patches?

Yes, WordPress Smart Updates help ensure that your site remains secure by updating your WordPress core, themes, and plugins to their latest versions. This helps to patch security vulnerabilities and keep your site safe from potential threats.

What are compatibility checks in Smart Updates?

Compatibility checks are performed automatically before the updates are applied to ensure that updates do not cause any issues with your site's functionality or compatibility with other themes or plugins. If any issues are detected, the update process is paused, and you are notified so that you can take the necessary actions.

Can I control the update process with Smart Updates?

Yes, Smart Updates provides a control panel integration that allows you to manage updates, select which sites you want to update, apply updates automatically or manually, and view the status of updates for each site.

What is the rollback option in Smart Updates?

The rollback option allows you to undo an update if it causes any issues with your site. This can be useful in case an update causes unexpected errors or conflicts.

Does Smart Updates support multisite?

Yes, WordPress Smart Updates support multisite, allowing users to update multiple WordPress sites at once from a single control panel.

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