Storage dedicated server

Storage servers are perfect for purposes such as storing backup data or files servers. Our storage dedicated servers come with hot-swappable fast SSD drives and SATA drives with RAID cards. It is possible to setup any RAID configuration you’d want. We only offer dedicated servers from Dell and Supermicro with Enterprise-grade Intel Xeon processors which are known to offer an extended life-cycle.

Our standard server configurations are delivered with instant setup but you can also fully configure this server to your exact needs. You have enough flexibility to choose between SSD or SATA storage options. It will take us only 1 – 3 working days to deliver your self-configured storage machine.

This server also includes:


Instant Setup

Deploy your server in less than 5 minutes.


Customisable Configuration

Fully customisable to fit your needs.


Dedicated KVM

Manage your server as if you’re physically in front of it.


Cancel anytime

You can cancel your server at anytime.


Bandwidth Pooling

Interchange the bandwidth between your servers.


Upgrade Anytime

Upgrade or downgrade your services at anytime.