SSD dedicated server

SSD (Solid State Drive) servers are considered to be faster, more powerful and more efficient compared to a traditional SATA server. In fact, they can be about 20 times faster than a normal HDD when it comes to latency when a server is busy with I/O requests. Traditional SATA servers are fast as well but not fast enough when you need to run heavy applications such as MS SQL servers, Oracle database servers or online stores with Magento Hosting. You can expect quicker boot ups and faster file transfers because there is no spinning disk like there is in a traditional SATA server so they act more like a RAM inside your server. You will notice that finding you files, loading you programs will improve.

You can fully configure this server to your needs. You can pick any memory, SSD or SATA disk you’d want. Take a look at all available options and start configuring your machine.

This server also includes:


Instant Setup

Deploy your server in less than 5 minutes.


Customisable Configuration

Fully customisable to fit your needs.


Dedicated KVM

Manage your server as if you’re physically in front of it.


Cancel anytime

You can cancel your server at anytime.


Bandwidth Pooling

Interchange the bandwidth between your servers.


Upgrade Anytime

Upgrade or downgrade your services at anytime.