How to rebuild your Cloudvps from a snapshot

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How to create an template from an snapshot and rebuild your VPS with this template.

You can rebuild your virtual server from one of your templates. You can create custom templates by making a snapshot of an existing virtual server and converting it to a template for future use.

You can follow this step by step guide to rebuild you virtual server from a snapshot.

Step by step guide

1. Log in our clientarea

2. Click on the virtual server which you would like to rebuild

3. Go to Storage>Snapshots

4. Click on ''Convert Template'' on the snapshot which you would like to convert it to a template.
vps snapshot

5. Go back to overview and click on ''Rebuild''

6. You can find the template under the same ''Operating system'' and same ''distribution''. You can then select your template in the ''Installed OS'' list. And proceed to reinstall by clicking on ''Re-install'' VPS

The ''Operating System'' and ''Distribution'' is selected automatically by default. So you will only need to select your template in the ''Installed OS'' list.

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