Quad Core dedicated server

If you are getting large amount of hits to your website or if you are running heavy applications, having more processing power will certainly not hurt you. Quad Core dedicated servers offer larger cache, higher throughput and memory capacity. These processors offer serious performance advantages when you need to run CPU-intensive processes. Even if your demands change drastically, you will still have enough capacity to run your applications with the same speed you are used to. This makes your Quad Core dedicated server perfect for long-term use.

Your Quad Core dedicated server comes with hyperthreading technology, which enables the processors to carry out multiple tasks at one time. This further improves the speed of various operations, allowing two or more processes to use a single resource.

Since all our dedicated servers come with instant setup, you are able to activate your machine in less than 5 minutes. Take a look at all our offers and start configuring your machine to your needs.

This server also includes:


Instant Setup

Deploy your server in less than 5 minutes.


Customisable Configuration

Fully customisable to fit your needs.


Dedicated KVM

Manage your server as if you’re physically in front of it.


Cancel Anytime

You can cancel your server at anytime.


Bandwidth Pooling

Interchange the bandwidth between your servers.


Upgrade Anytime

Upgrade or downgrade your services at anytime.