Powerful Dual Hexa Core dedicated server

In the hosting industry, more is generally better, and that is certainly true when you run complex applications. In some cases, complex applications need both speed and enough RAM / storage to keep track of your work. In these cases Dual Hexa Core dedicated servers are everything you need and more. Our range of Dual Hexa Core dedicated servers come with more speed, more RAM and more storage. Perfect for purposes such as virtualization that requires fast disk reading and writing and large storage capacity.

Your Dual Hexa Core dedicated server comes with instant setup and is fully configurable to your own needs. Take a look at all available Dual Hexa Core dedicated servers and start configuring your machine.

All these features, completely yours.


Instant Setup

If the server is in stock you can deploy it in less than 5 minutes


Dedicated KVM

You can manage your Dual Hexa Core dedicated server as if you are physically in front of it.


Customisable configuration

All Dual Hexa Core servers can be fully customised according to your hosting needs.


Cancel anytime

We want you to be happy. So if you are not pleased you can cancel your server anytime.


Hardware RAID

All our Dual Hexa Core servers include Hardware RAID. This will increase the reliability and storage capacity.


1 Gpbs Uplink Connection

All our plans include 1 Gbps uplink connection. This means that your data will be able to reach the internet much quicker.

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