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Imunify360 provides a comprehensive security architecture for servers that host websites. It makes use of components that are highly tailored and integrated to provide real-time protection for websites and web servers.

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Full imunify360 security is available with all server and hosting plans we offer. Imunify360 is not limited to antivirus or web application firewall software. Other features found in the Imunify360 package are a Web application firewall, real-time antivirus defense, network firewall, intrusion prevention and detection system, and patch management and more. A web hosting service can provide fast detection, repair, and protection from any threats that may appear as a result of the seamless cooperation of all of these components working together.

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This is why you want Imunify360

Usability and full control

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Freedom of control panel

Imunify360 can be installed with control panels such as Plesk, Directadmin and cPanel/WHM, but it can also be installed without a control panel. The dashboard allows you to quickly see the overall health of your server and manage important aspects of security that come with Imunify360. You will notice several tabs representing the main features of Imunify360.

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A complete security engine

Imunify360 is made up of WAF, IDS, IPS, Network Firewall, Proactive defense and File Antivirus, it combines all of them into a single working engine. The data is shared amongst all the different system components and it offers a much higher level of protection from harmfull malware. Since its met under a central incident management system, therefore this "union" of security is not found on seperate standard security components on the system. 

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Easy and clear dashboard

You will be able to manage Imunify360's security aspects, while being able to check the overall state of your server. All the security events will be displayed in the central dashboard, with the most recent incidents being updated in real-time. You will be able to customize, filter and select events based on the different parameters, details of incidents can be reviewed, with acces to allow/block list management features, on top of that you can also view other things such as settings, reports, and much more.

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Great support

Imunify360 provides support around the clock, so if you have any queries about the service or come into more serious problems, like the possibility that someone hacked into your website, you can get in touch with the company at any time.

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Reputation management

The reputation of your site is very important. Lets say, Google adds your site to a blocklist, that means your site is marked as a distribution for malware. This will result in your websites being excluded from Google's search results, which in return can be very devastating for your business. You can also be put on an RBL list as a spammer, so your emails wont be delivered to your customers. To prevent all of this, Imunify360's reputation management checks to see if your website is being blocklisted, and it will alert you if that is the case.

Imunify360 security features

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Incidents lists

A powerfull tool is IDS/IPS. This feature offers "deny" policy rules that stop known attacks. Monitor server logs, examine log files from numerous viewpoints, and blacklist IPs that indicate malicious indicators like unsuccessful login attempts and vulnerabilities. Instances shows recent incidents. Every 60 seconds, this tab updates. Timeframe, IPs from Block/Allow/Gray lists, and page record count can filter incidents. Clicking an occurrence displays its details. IPs and countries can be clicked to filter occurrences. Blue IPs are not in any list; you can add them to an allow or block list. Some occurrences may not show an IP address; these are local incidents. they have no IP. An arrow displays the number of tries from the IP. During detection, this is tracked.

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KernelCare, a function that automatically patches your server's kernel to ensure security. This is accomplished without the need for server reboots. The KernelCare agent checks for new patches every four hours and automatically installs them to the active server without compromising performance. After a successful installation, KernelCare parameters will be displayed on the KernelCare tab. It contains information on the active kernel's current state and version, as well as the active KernelCare mode of operation. The Effective Kernel Version displays the version to which KernelCare changed the presently operating kernel. The Real KernelVersion displays the most current kernel version utilized to boot the machine. The Update mode toggle allows you to enable or stop automatic kernel patching. On the Uptime page, the uptime of your system is displayed in days.

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Malware scanner

Imunify360's Malware Scanner scans file systems for malware and cleans contaminated data.
In the Malware Scanner dashboard, you will receive a real-time overview of the malware monitoring status and findings based on your desired timeline. On-demand malware scanning lets you search any directory for compromised files. On the "files" page, you may handle infected files. The malware scanner offers a scheduled scan, so you may conduct scans at particular times. 15% of contaminated sources are databases, according to Imunify360's database scanner. Cleaning out harmful database injections may be tedious. Imunify360's MDS (Malware Database Scanner) solves all database malware concerns. MDS currently supports WordPress databases.

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Invisible Captcha

Enabling the Invisible reCAPTCHA within the Imunify360 software improves the visitor experience significantly. In a nutshell, the Invisible reCAPTCHA uses Google's Advanced Risk Analysis technology as well as Artficial Intelligence to determine if a user is human or a bot. If a genuine person tried to enter their password numerous times, the user would be forwarded to the website they wished to visit with only a few seconds of wait and no bothersome validation box. In the event that a bot attempts to enter, the Invisible reCAPTCHA will detect their bot-related request and, as a result, the CAPTCHA challenge will be triggered. This will prevent the automated program from passing through.

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Because Imunify360's firewall is tightly connected with WAF, it will block the vast majority of web application assaults before they even begin, but it is always essential to ensure that genuine visitors can access your website. Imunify360 employs a sophisticated Google reCAPTCHA (with the option of using an Invisible reCAPTCHA), which greatly minimizes false positives and increases usability for 'restricted' visitors while making it exceedingly tough for bots to defeat. Visitors who break Imunify360 security regulations (for example, by entering the incorrect password) will be prevented from accessing the server with their IP address, adding them to the gray list. The visitor will be sent to a Captcha. If the visitor provides the needed information, Imunify360 will remove them from the Gray List.

advanced firewall


Imunify360's sophisticated firewall detects new threats and protects your servers from a variety of assaults, including brute force attacks, using cloud heuristics and artificial intelligence. Imunify360's Gray list will already contain approximately 15 thousand IP addresses that are regarded dangerous or possibly malicious after the initial installation. Block lists contain all banned IP addresses, and you may add new IP addresses to the Block list to ban them. You may also block countries, which would block any IP addresses originating in the nation indicated in the Block list, limiting access to the server. Actions can be performed on both single and many entries at the same time.

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Administrators can use "hook handlers" to deliver reports and conduct custom scripts. Notifications include: Scan events (real-time scan, user account scan, custom folder scan). Malware scanning events: on start, end, when malware is identified, and in Proactive Defense (on "script blocked" event). Each hook may be configured by UI and CLI. A hook may include email notification settings, an interval, and other parameters. Adding a script event handler might help. The notification interval might be modified to prevent excessive "Real-time scan" and "Script prohibited" reporting.

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Proactive Defence

Your server's Application service level provides the second level of protection. The one-of-a-kind imunify360 Proactive Defense technology identifies and prevents malicious execution flow at runtime. It looks at how the PHP script behaves and stops it from harming the server. Either the malicious flow or the entire script execution is stopped. Due to the fact that malicious code frequently conceals itself: fetched dynamically from the network, obfuscated, injected in the middle of the legitimate file, and placed in the database.


private network


Imunify360's security solution relies heavily on WebShield. Its main objective is to manage HTTP traffic and protect against HTTPS assaults.
The WebShield component manages CDN and Proxy Traffic by determining the attackers' genuine IP addresses and distinguishing them from those of legitimate users. Webshield gray-lists problematic IP addresses and then provides splash monitors and CAPTCHA challenges to prevent fraudulent requests from hurting or slowing down your machine.
WebShield security solutions include things like: blocking traffic based on the blocklist, routing graylisted traffic to the CAPTCHA until it is successfully completed, acting as a proxy, and transferring any residual traffic to backends.

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WAF & ModSec Ruleset

WAF stands for Web Application Firewall, it is one of the key elements for web server protection system provided by Imunify360. It has hundreds of rules to protect you from the known and unknown when it comes to vulnerabilities. The Rules of the WAF The Auto-Configurator makes rule configurations for specific websites according to the content management systems (CMS) that those websites use. For example, if a website uses WordPress as its content management system, Imunify360 will apply a set of rules that are specifically designed to defend WordPress websites. Minimized Modsec Ruleset is a low resource usage mode that you can switch on and off.

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