Powerful Advanced Server Protection

Reduce the risk of data vulnerability and protect your server against cyber criminals by installing Sophos Windows Server Protection on your Dedicated Server or Cloud VPS. Sophos Windows Server Protection is a versatile and powerful security solution for malware which will help your protect the sensitive data stored on your server. Sophos Windows Server Protection offers powerful functionalities containing anti-ransomware, application whitelisting, together with advanced anti-malware and HIPS (host intrusion prevention system).

The easy centralized management allows you to follow the safety of your servers continuously. Irregularities will be detected and your server will be protected from attacks and you will not experience any negative impact on your server's performance.

Sophos Intercept X for Server Features 

sophos security


Windows Sophos Server Protection contains CrytpoGuard which is an advanced anti-ransomware. CryptoGuard protects against the unsolicited encryption of server data. It also restores the impacted files on your server and stops the execution of the detected processes.

Sophos lockdown


Server Lockdown gives your server powerful server protection with just a single click. The Lockdown functionality only allows trusted and approved applications to run on your server. Furthermore, it creates trust between applications, by controlling which application can update an application. 

Sophos malicious traffic

Malicious Traffic Detection

Sophos Malicious Traffic Detection will monitor HTTP traffic for signs of connectivity to known bad URLs such as command and control servers. As a result, the malicious process will be examined in detail and misbehaving traffic will be killed immediately. 

Sophos security heartbeat

Security Heartbeat

 Sophos Security heartbeat is a synchronized security approach, that shares real-time threat intelligence between servers, endpoints, and firewalls. It protects you from potentially compromised servers and network shares.

Sophos application control

Application Control

Application Control allows you to block certain legitimate applications from running on your server. These applications are not a security threat but most of them are unsuitable for use in your work environments such as games or messaging programs.

Sophos device control

Device Control

Sophos Device Control allows you to manage the use of storage devices and network interfaces. This will prevent compromise and data leakage by blocking removable media.

How to Activate Sophos Intercept X for Server?

If you have a managed server plan that is running on Windows then your Sophos Server Protection will be automatically installed. Do you have a self-managed Dedicated Server or Cloud VPS then you can install Windows Sophos Protection via your client area.

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Activate Sophos Intercept X for Server from € 19.90 a month.