How to restore an Entire Machine with Snel Cloud Backup

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Entire Machine restore with Cloud Backup


Step 1: Log in to your client area

Log in to your client area via


Step 2: Select the server

Select the server in which you want to open the KVM console.

select dedicated server

Step 3: Open KVM Page

Navigate to the KVM tab, and click on Visit the KVM page.

client area kvm

Step 4: Log in to your KVM page

Use the login credentials which you can find on the KVM tab of your dedicated server in step 3.

kvm login credentials

kvm login screen

Step 5: Launch the virtual console

Launch the virtual console by clicking on Launch Virtual Console in the iDrac dashboard.

launch virtual console

Step 6: Use the KVM console

The version name can differ in your situation.

Click “Connect Virtual Media” and mount “Recovery-Windows-Snel Cloud Backup-22.3.4”.

recovery media snel cloud backup

Click “Map Device” to attach the ISO


Step 7: Boot to Virtual Media

Once the media is mapped boot click boot and select “Virtual CD/DVD/ISO”


Now click “Power” and click “Power Cycle System (cold boot)” to boot the recovery media


Step 8: Configure Recovery Media

There is no active DHCP server, therefore it’s required to configure a static IP address. Click “Tools” in the lefthand corner to open the menu


You can find the NIC by typing “ipconfig /all”

Configure the IP address, based on your Main IP address which you can find under “IP Management”

netsh interface ip set address name="NIC1" static 128.204.192.x


Configure DNS server

netsh interface ip set dns name="NIC1" static

Check if the settings are correct by typing

ipconfig /all

Close the command prompt

Step 9: Log in to Snel Cloud Backup

Log in to Snel Cloud Backup


After login, you will be asked to register the new device, click “Register”.

Step 10: Start Recovery Process

Click “Restore” in the Snel Cloud Backup interface


Select the storage vault and click “Next”

storage vault

Select “Show items from other devices” this will show you the backup of your lost server. Select the backup you want to restore.


Select “Restore to physical device(s)” and click “Next”.


Select the source and destination and click “”Add to restore queue”. Once the queue is added you should be able to click “Restore”.


Step 11: Optional restore process

You can monitor the restore through the KVM console.


The alternative is to login into . Navigate to “History -> Job History” in the menu. Find the backup process restore “type” and click “Report”


In this article, we have provided the needed steps to perform an entire machine restore with Snel Cloud Backup.

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