How to backup Microsoft SQL in Snel Cloud Backup

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Learn how to backup Microsoft SQL in Snel Cloud Backup

In this article, we will explain how you can backup a Microsoft SQL Server to Snel Cloud Backup.


Step 1: Log in with RDP

Connect to your server via RDP

Step 2: Snel Cloud Backup agent

A protected item can be added through and through the agent. We will use the Windows agent to create a new protected item. Open the Snel Cloud Backup agent

snel backup login

Step 3: Add Microsoft SQL Server as backup

Once you are logged in click “+ Add Protected Item”

add backup snel backup

Give the Protected item a name, we are using “ – MS SQL”. Once the name is entered select “Microsoft SQL Server” under “Application Backup Types” and click “Next”

add MS SQL

The Instance name can be different on your setup. In case you want to find the instance name you can use the following PowerShell script:
$SQLInstances = (Get-ItemProperty 'HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server').InstalledInstances
foreach ($sql in $SQLInstances) { [PSCustomObject]@{ InstanceName = $sql } }

Write-Host "$($env:Computername)\$SQLInstances"

If ($SQLInstances -ne "MSSQLSERVER") {
  Write-Host $($env:Computername)\$($SQLInstances)
  $serverName = "$($env:Computername)\$SQLInstances"
} Else {
  Write-Host "Standard SQL Instance was found, proceeding with the script."
  $serverName = "$($env:Computername)\$SQLInstances"

You can authenticate with “Windows login credentials” or with “Microsoft SQL credentials”. In our case, we are using Windows authentication


Click “+” to select the databases you want to backup. We are selecting “MSSQLSERVER” to backup all the databases on the server. Click “Ok” to apply the selected databases.

ms sql databases

Click “Next >”

You can enter commandos to perform before or after the backup job. We leave this default and do not provide any commands.

backup commands

Configure the schedule and click “Next >”.

backup schedule

Configure the retention and click “Next >”

backup retention

If you do not want to run the first backup right after the protected item is added deselect “Run a backup now” and click “Finish”

Select the protected item you want to back up. In our case, it’s “ – MS SQL” and click “Next >”

backup mssql

The default backup location is already configured click “Backup”.

backup mssql storage


In this article, we provided you with instructions on how to back up your Microsoft SQL Server with Snel Cloud Backup.

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