How to install Snel Cloud Backup agent on Linux

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Learn how to install Snel Cloud Backup agent on Linux server

In this article, we will explain how you can install the Snel Cloud Backup agent on your Linux Server


Step 2: Download Agent

Download the backup agent

mkdir -p /tmp/backupsnelcom
cd /tmp/backupsnelcom/
wget --content-disposition --post-data '' '' -P /tmp/backupsnelcom/
chmod +x Snel_Cloud_Backup-*.run

Step 3: Install Agent

Replace the quotes with your username and password

Execute the commands below to install the backup agent and enter the requested info


Optional: Multi-factor authentication

When multi-factor authentication is enabled, you need to enter the OTP code during registration

/opt/SnelCloudBackup/backup-tool login prompt

Step 4: Startup script

Create startup script via systemd

cat <<'EOF'> /etc/systemd/system/backupsnelcom.service
[Unit] - Snel Cloud Backup agent




Enable and start the script

killall -9 /opt/SnelCloudBackup/backup-tool
systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl enable backupsnelcom.service
systemctl start backupsnelcom.service

Step 5: Cleanup

Remove the installation file

rm -rf /tmp/backupsnelcom


In this article, we described how you can install the Linux backup agent of Snel Cloud Backup.

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