How to backup Entire machine in Snel Cloud Backup

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Learn how to backup an entire machine in Snel Cloud Backup

In this article, we will explain how you can create a disk image with Snel Cloud Backup.


Step 1: Log in with RDP

Connect to your server via RDP

Step 2: Open backup agent

Click start and search for “ Backups”

Step 3: Create a new Protected item

Click on “+ Add Protected Item”. Give it a name, we use the following name: “ – Disk Image”. Select “Disk Image” and click “Next >”

disk image

We want to backup all disks, select “All disks” and click “Next >”

select disk drives

We keep commands default, click “Next >”

backup command

We keep schedules default, click “Next >”


We keep retention default, click “Next >”

backup retention

We want to run a backup after the protected item is created. Click “Finish”

backup finish

Leave it default and click “Next >”

backup disk image protected

We keep the storage location default, click “Backup”

backup location

Once, the backup is started you will see in the agent that the backup has started

backup started


In this article, we have described how you can create a disk image for your Windows server.

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