Create a recovery file with Snel Cloud Backup agent

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Introduction: Create a recovery file

In this article, we will describe how you can create a recovery file for your Windows Server with the Snel Cloud Backup agent, and the installed drivers.


Step 1: Log in with RDP

Connect to your server via RDP

Step 2: Open Snel Cloud Backup agent

Sometimes it’s required to re-authenticate

start creating recovery file in snel cloud backup panel

Step 3: Create Recovery Media

Click “Settings” in the left menu

Backup panel settings

Click “Recovery Media…”

Snel backup panel where you click recovery media

Select “WinRE ISO” and click “Next >”

Create a recovery file by selecting WinRe ISO

Select the folder where you want to save the ISO image and click “Next >”

select folder for recovery file

We keep default settings where “Copy Drivers from this PC” should be selected and click “Next >”

select copy drivers in create recovery media

The agent will now start creating the recovery media. Once finished click “Finish”



In this article, we described how you can create a recovery file with Snel Cloud Backup, which you can use when the operating systems of your server is not working.

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