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Online Workspace is our newly introduced Remote Desktop Service environment. With our Online Workspace, you can get a remote workspace in minutes. It is fast, secure and provides tons of features while reducing the cost of IT infrastructure.

In this tutorial, we will learn how to connect to your Online Workspace using macOS X. This tutorial is written on macOS X Mojave but it should be applicable on all recent releases macOS X including High Sierra and Catalina.


  • A Snel Online Workspace account. If you do not have a Snel Online Workspace account yet, you can order a Online Workspace account on
  • You will also need to have the Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 app installed from Apple Store.

Step 1 – Install Microsoft Remote Desktop App

Open the Apple App Store by clicking the App Store in Dock (bottom bar).

App store

Search for Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 in the left side search bar. Click the GET button to install the application into your system. You may need to log in using your Apple ID to install the software from the App store.

Microsoft remote desktop 10

Step 2 – Open Microsoft Remote Desktop app

Once installed, you can open the application by clicking on the Launchpad icon on bottom dock bar and then clicking on the Microsoft Remote Desktop app icon.

open remote desktop app

Upon opening the application for the first time, it will ask your permission to share usage and performance information with Microsoft. Choose Yes or Not now according to your preferences.

Next, it will ask you to provide the microphone and camera access to the remote desktop app. Click the Continue button and accept the prompt by macOS by clicking the Ok button.

Microphone and camera access

Step 3 – Add Remote Desktop Feed

Click on the [ + ] icon on the top bar in the remote desktop application. Click on the Feed option from the dropdown. This will open a pop up asking for the feed URL. Copy and paste the following feed URL into the pop-up.

feed popup

As soon as you enter the feed URL, the application will try to find the feed associated with the URL. Once verified, it will ask you to choose a user account. Since we have no user account created, select the Add User Account option from the dropdown.

subscribe feeds

This will open up a pop-up to add a new user account. Provide the username of your RDS account as provided by Snel. You can choose to add a password here, or if you want, you can also leave the password field empty. if you leave it empty, the remote desktop application will ask you for the password every time you try to log in.

Add user

Finally, select the newly created user from the User Account drop-down and click on the button Subscribe.

Subscribe to feeds

If you have not provided your password during user creation, it will ask you for the password before subscribing to the feed.

Step 4 – Connect and start Remote Desktop session

Now, switch to the Feeds tab by clicking Feeds from the top bar. You will see your Online Workspace as Desktop under Work Resources. To connect to your workspace, simply click twice on the Desktop icon.

Connect to Desktop

If you have not provided the password during user account creation, it will ask you to provide your password before connecting. You should be now logged in to your Snel Online workspace.

Step 5 – End Remote Desktop session

If you are finished working and want to terminate your session click on Start icon in Windows Server, click on the user icon at the top in the leftmost column and click on Sign out. This will ensure that all work is saved and nothing gets lost if we need to do maintenance at Snel servers.

Sign out


Congratulation, you have successfully logged into your remote workspace from an Apple macOS X computer. If you need further assistance or help with our Online Workspace products get in touch with our support.

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